Pompano, Florida

Food Quality:

Pompano, Florida

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Avg. Weight


World Record

8lbs 4oz

FL Record

8lbs 4oz

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Scientific Name

Trachinotus carolinus

Common Names

Pompano, Carolina pompano


The Florida Pompano has a flattened body with a nearly vertically forked tail and ranges in color from greenish grey to dark blue with yellowish belly and fins. They can also have a golden color splashed across their throats and on some fins. Though not as large as the Permit, the Florida Pompano is still a distinctly beautifully colored fish that becomes more colorful after death.

Habitat & Behaviour

Florida Pompanos can be found within a range of inshore and nearshore waters, though usually they prefer shallow water. Mature Popanos seem to prefer sandy beaches in brackish water and generally travel in large schools. The Florida Pompano is a migratory fish that travels southward in the wintertime.

Natural Prey

The Florida Pompano subsists on a diet of invertebrates and smaller fish, though they favor sand fleas.

Handling Tips

Nothing in particular to harm you. Grab by tail or gaff by head. Be careful of sharp fins on larger fish.