Pompano, African

Food Quality:

Pompano, African

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Avg. Weight


World Record

50lbs 8oz

FL Record

50lbs 8oz

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Scientific Name

Alectis ciliaris

Common Names

Threadfish, Cuban jack, Flechudo, Atlantic threadfin, Pennantfish, Threadfin mirrorfish, Trevally


The African Pompano can be distinguished by its silver color with bluish green painted on its back. The back end of the fish is almost triangular in shape and the front is blunted with a steep forehead. Mature adults tend to elongate over time whereas the juvenile African Pompano starts out rather compact. Common amongst African Pompano’s are dark blotches on the tail and fins.

Habitat & Behaviour

African Pompanos can be found at moderate depth close to structures such as reefs, wrecks and rocks. African Pompanos, though a solitary adult fish, can sometimes be found in larger schools.

Natural Prey

The African Pompano often dines on a variety of crustaceans, shrimp and occasionally small fish depending on the maturity of the fish.

Handling Tips

Nothing in particular to harm you. Grab by tail or gaff by head. Be careful of sharp fins on larger fish.