Pinfish, Spottail

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Pinfish, Spottail

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Scientific Name

Diplodus holbrooki

Common Names

Spot porgy, San pedra


The Spottail Pinfish can be identified by its coloration which occurs as a silvery base with blue and yellow stripes. Though the owner of a small mouth, Spottail Pinfish have very sharply notched teeth. It can be distinguished from other pinfish by a black splotch on its gill cover.

Habitat & Behaviour

Spottail Pinfish can be found on rocky bottoms or near structures in the water, such as docks, piers or in vegetated areas. As the temperatures drop these fish recede to deeper waters until the summer returns.  

Natural Prey

Spottail Pinfish are omnivorous and feed on a combination of small invertebrates and plants.

Handling Tips

Very sharp little fish. Extremely sharp spine by the anal fin and sharp by the pectoral fins by the gill plate – take your hand wrap it around the line and slowly take your hand down so you lay the spikes down to get a hold of it.