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56lbs 2oz

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Scientific Name

Trachinotus falcatus

Common Names

Round pompano, Great pompano


The Permit is a rounded, snub-nosed fish with flattened sides. Its coloration ranges from dark blue on its back to bluish green on its side, blending to a silvery white. Its belly is often yellow as well as its fins. It has a broadly forked tail and a dorsal and anal fin that begin at the same area, midway back from the head. Although it resembles the Florida Pompano it can be distinguished by its larger size and prominent ribs that can be felt under the skin.

Habitat & Behaviour

Permits can be found in warm coastal waters often in channels or drop-offs located in reef, sandy bottoms and occasionally muddy bottoms as well. Before they mature, Permits are known to travel in a school, its only after they mature when they become solitary fish.

Natural Prey

Permits have a steady diet of crustaceans, invertebrates and other bottom dwelling creatures.

Handling Tips

Netting them is ideal. Grab by tail and then put hand underneath by head to hold. Depends on size – do not gaff in case you need to release. They lay on their side when they are tired.