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Scientific Name

Trachinotus goodei

Common Names

Gafftopsail pompano, Pompanito, Longfin Pompano


Palometa are a vibrant silvery blue colored, arrow shaped fish. The can also range in coloration from greenish tinged grey to a light coloration of yellow. They also have four dark stripes on their body and a snub nosed appearance. Often mistaken for a Florida Pompano, the Palometa have darker fins that give a more swept appearance than the Pompano.

Habitat & Behaviour

Palometa can be commonly found swimming in large schools in shallow waters. They enjoy the surf of beaches, bays and occasionally can be found in reefs or rocky areas.

Natural Prey

Palometa subsists on smaller fish and crustaceans; in particular mole shrimp.

Handling Tips

Can be handled with ease. Gills can be sharp; holding by the tail is the easiest method.