Ocean Triggerfish

Food Quality:

Ocean Triggerfish

Avg. Length


Avg. Weight


World Record

13lbs 8oz

FL Record

13lbs 8oz

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Scientific Name

Canthidermis sufflamen

Common Names

Ocean tally, Great trigger, Turbot


The Ocean Triggerfish is a larger member of the Triggerfish species. They are characterized by their long second dorsal, anal fins and brownish gray to dark grey coloration. They have a long slanted snout with a smallish first dorsal fin and bands of paler coloration near the eyes.

Habitat & Behaviour

Ocean Triggerfish reside well off coastal waters but can occasionally be found in reefs, flats, channels and shallower waters in the Florida Keys.

Natural Prey

Ocean Triggerfish aggressively feed during the day on anything they consider food and lie dormant at night. Their primary food sources are invertebrates particularly bottom dwelling species such as crabs, urchins, and sea stars.

Handling Tips

Lay in palm of your hand, easy to handle. Watch out for its ‘trigger’ spine on its back. Have a parrot like beak, keep fingers away from mouth – can nip you. Small spine but generally not a handling concern.