Mullet, Striped

Food Quality:

Mullet, Striped

Avg. Length

8in to 16in

Avg. Weight


World Record

7lbs 10oz

FL Record


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Scientific Name

Mugil cephalus

Common Names

Jumping mullet, Black mullet, Fatback


Striped Mullet are an elongated fish with a forked tail and often have stripes or bars on their sides. Their coloration ranges from blue or green on their back, fading slowly to slivery white on their belly.

Habitat & Behaviour

The Striped Mullet can be found in schools in nearly any coastal area and even into freshwater areas. Striped Mullet can be spotted in schools leaping from the water as they travel.

Natural Prey

Striped Mullet feed mostly during the day time and subsist on zooplankton and dead organic matter sometimes called detritus.

Handling Tips

Can be handled with ease. Nothing bad on the mullet to watch out for. They have small smooth mouths and a small spine.