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Scientific Name

Elops saurus

Common Names

Ten-pounder, Skipjack, Chiro, Bananafish


Ladyfish have an elongated body that is compact yet slender. They range in coloration from a lighter, silver blue to a darker blue-black. The first dorsal fin and dual anal fins all start at the same area of the body. The ladyfish also has a widely forked tail

Habitat & Behaviour

Ladyfish can be found in coastal features such as lagoons, mangroves and bays sometimes venturing into freshwater rivers or canals. These fish form large schools feeding near the surface.

Natural Prey

The Ladyfish subsists on a diet comprised of smaller fish and crustaceans.

Handling Tips

No teeth to worry about so you can lip them. Slightly sharp gill plates, can cut your finger while moving around (they flop around a lot). Also known to crap all over everything in the boat so be careful!!!