Kingfish, Southern

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Kingfish, Southern

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2lbs 13oz

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Scientific Name

Menticirrhus americanus

Common Names

King whiting, Southern whiting


The Southern Kingfish has a long body and ranges in coloration from silver to light brown or copper toned. They often sport darker splotches on their sides and occasionally bars of color as well. They have a single barbell protruding from their chin and a tall pointed first dorsal fin.

Habitat & Behaviour

The Southern Kingfish can be found in coastal areas with muddy or sandy bottoms. They enjoy being in the surf near beaches and move south with the onset of colder weather. Unseasonably cold weather can move them into deeper water.

Natural Prey

The Southern Kingfish has a diet consisting of crabs, invertebrates, crustaceans and small fish.

Handling Tips

Watch for spines on top. Can otherwise be handled with ease.