Kingfish, Northern

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Kingfish, Northern

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2lbs 7oz

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Scientific Name

Menticirrhus saxatilis

Common Names

Northern whiting


The Northern Kingfish has a large first dorsal fin with a protruding spine and a sloped somewhat long head. Their coloration can range from bronze to darker green with dark bars of color forming strips running from the back mid-way down the fish. The belly is a silverfish color and the mouth has a single barbel.

Habitat & Behaviour

Northern Kingfish can be found on sandy bottoms near coastal features such as beaches. They can also penetrate up brackish canals, or mull around channels and inlets.

Natural Prey

The Northern Kingfish subsists on a diet of shrimp, invertebrates, small fish and other larvae.

Handling Tips

Watch for spines on top. Can otherwise be handled with ease.