Jack, Horse-eye

Jack, Horse-eye

Avg. Length


Avg. Weight


World Record

29lbs 8oz

FL Record

25lbs 12oz

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Scientific Name

Caranx latus

Common Names

Bigeye jack, Ojo gordo, Goggle-eye, Horse-eye trevally, Black jacks, Cabalis, False jacks


The Horse-eye Jack is characterized by its larger eyes and silvery body. Although similar in appearance to the Crevalle Jack, the Horse-eye can be distinguished by its scales, as the Crevalle only has a small number of scales. The dorsal fins and gill cover have black markings on them and the forked tail is yellow in coloration.

Habitat & Behaviour

Horse-eye Jacks can be found at mid-depth Swimbaitming in schools through offshore reefs or oil rigs. However, on occasion they have been known to Swimbait in pairs with other species of fish. Juvenile Horse-eye’s prefer muddy bottomed areas and have been known to penetrate fresh water rivers.  

Natural Prey

Horse-eye Jack subsist on a diet of small fish and invertebrates such as shrimp or crabs.

Handling Tips

Spines on top. Otherwise harmless.