Jack, Crevalle

Jack, Crevalle

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66lbs 2oz

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Scientific Name

Caranx hippos

Common Names

Jack crevalle, Crevally, Cavalla


Crevalle Jack can have a coloration that ranges from blue-green to greenish gold with a yellowish or silvery underside. They generally have a rounded somewhat snub nosed appearance with a long rounded pectoral fin sporting a black splotch as well as a black splotch on the gill cover. In addition to this they have a widely forked tail that can sometimes be black in the upper lobe.

Habitat & Behaviour

Crevalle Jacks can be found along coastal areas, freshwater or brackish streams as well as coral reefs. They form into schools and the largest of the Crevalle Jacks swim in pairs often around reefs or other offshore structures. Some of the largest Crevalle Jacks can be caught from Key West to The Palm Beaches.

Natural Prey

Crevalle Jacks feed during the day, sometimes taking advantage of manmade structures to run smaller fish up against. Besides small fish Crevalle Jacks subsist on a diet of invertebrates and crustaceans.

Handling Tips

Keep fingers away from mouth, the gill plate is not sharp. Small spike by anal fin, not a good eating fish. Can grab by tail or behind head. Lay them on their side in your palm they will stop wiggling.