Jack, Bar

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Jack, Bar

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7lbs 12oz

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Scientific Name

Caranx ruber

Common Names

Skip jack, Bahamas runner, Reef runner, Cibi Mancho


The Bar Jack is a football shaped, flat sided fish with a broad band of blue black extending from the head to the lower lobe of its forked tail. Its coloration is light to darker blue on the back blending to silvery sides. It also ports some hardened scutes near the tail.

Habitat & Behaviour

The Bar Jack can be found in clear waters in and around coral reefs and sandy bottoms. They can also be found in lagoons although they prefer to live offshore.

Natural Prey

The Bar Jack consumes nearly all smaller fish to make up its diet filling out the rest with vegetation and cephalopods.

Handling Tips

Spines on top; otherwise harmless.