Grunt, White

Food Quality:

Grunt, White

Avg. Length


Avg. Weight


World Record

15lbs 8 oz

FL Record

15lbs 8 oz

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Scientific Name

Haemulon plumieri

Common Names

Gray grunt, Key west grunt, Ronco arara, Dogfish, Pugheaded grunt, Grey grunt.


The White Grunt is characterized by a silvery white body with a yellow to bronze colored head with characteristic blue striping near the mouth and eyes. The scales can sometimes form a checkered pattern. The dorsal fin has several defined spines and the mouth may be a brighter red color on the inside.

Habitat & Behaviour

The White Grunt can be found in schools over coral reefs, often traveling in shallower water by the day. As such they prefer the shallower nearshore reefs. They are bottom dwellers that sift through the sand for food at the bottom of reefs.

Natural Prey

White Grunts subsist on a diet made up of invertebrates and crustaceans.

Handling Tips

Sharp gill plate – can easily be handled by grabbing by back of head or underneath, keep fingers away from their mouth and small teeth. Net them and grab behind head, spines are not a major cause of concern.