Grunt, French

Grunt, French

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Scientific Name

Haemulon flavolineatum

Common Names

Yellow grunt, Corocoro, Dogfish, Open-mouthed grunt, Banana grunt, Gold laced grunt


The French Grunt is characterized by yellow stripes overlaid onto a background ranging from yellow to silver blue splayed across the body. In addition to this it sports yellow fins and larger scales on the lower half of the fish.

Habitat & Behaviour

The French Grunt can be found in shallow areas of reefs, preferring coastal reefs as opposed to offshore reefs. They are often found in large schools but school sizes for the French Grunt can reach the thousands. Besides reefs juveniles can be found in sandy bottoms or bottoms with lots of vegetation near shorelines. Adults can also be found near rocky bottoms with features like ridges, outcrops or ledges.

Natural Prey

They subsist upon a diet of mainly krill, shrimp and other small invertebrates.

Handling Tips

Sharp gill plate – can easily be handled by grabbing by back of head or underneath, keep fingers away from their mouth and small teeth. Net them and grab behind head, spines are not a major cause of concern.