Grouper, Goliath

Grouper, Goliath

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Scientific Name

Epinephelus itajara

Common Names

Guasa mero, Great grouper, Spotted jewfish, Jewfish, Southern jewfish, Junefish, Florida jewfish,


Goliath Grouper usually range in coloration from grey, yellowish, brown to darker olive with spots and bars of darker color covering the body. With age the Goliath darkens in color and can often lose some of its spots or bands. It sports an attached first and second dorsal fin with notches between spines.

Habitat & Behaviour

Goliath Grouper can be found in relatively shallow waters with underwater structures such as reefs, ledges, rocks, pilings and wreck. They often can be found in mangrove areas as well. As the Goliath Grouper is very territorial they rarely move to different areas choosing to live in preferred sheltered areas.

Natural Prey

Goliath Groupers subsist nearly entirely on crustaceans such as spiny lobsters and crabs. They also occasionally devour fish, octopi and even a sea turtle or two.

Handling Tips

If you hook one odds are this protected fish will be quite exhausted by the time you bring it in. Leave in water, use a dehooker and gently send it back on its way.