Flounder, Gulf

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Flounder, Gulf

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7lbs 2oz

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Scientific Name

Paralichthys albigutta

Common Names

Sand flounder, Flounder, Fluke


The Gulf Flounder is characterized by its flat rounded appearance with coloration ranging from light brown to dark brown depending on their environment. They usually have three spots forming a triangular pattern as well as other numerous lighter splotches of color. The Gulf Flounder has the ability to change its color based on the bottom it dwells on.

Habitat & Behaviour

Gulf Flounder can be found in coastal areas with muddy bottoms and often are seen entering brackish streams. Mature fish migrate away from the bays they commonly inhabit during the fall and return in the spring. They can also be found on rocky bottoms or shallow tidal reefs.

Natural Prey

Gulf Flounder subsist on a diet of fish, as well as crustaceans and other invertebrates.

Handling Tips

Netting them is best. Lots of sharp teeth so don’t put fingers in mouth, grab behind the head, from top down, hold vertical to see top side and bottom side (eyes on top side) - pinch right behind the head to hold.