Drum, Black

Food Quality:

Drum, Black

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World Record

113lbs 1oz

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Scientific Name

Pogonias cromis

Common Names

Drum, Striped drum, Tambor, Gray drum, Saltwater drum, Sea drum, Texas drum


Black Drum have high sloped foreheads with lots of barbels on their chin. Depending on their environment Black Drum can be silver to gray or a brownish bronze coloration. Their undersides are usually white and the occasional Black Drum is solid silver or black. Juvenile fish have bars or stripes of color on their sides.

Habitat & Behaviour

Black Drum can be found in both muddy, dirty water and clean, clear water. They prefer very shallow water or the deeper water of the Gulf. They can be found in coastal areas with features such as inlets, bays or other brackish areas as well as manmade structures like piers. They are an extremely adaptable fish and can be found in schools during spawning season.  

Natural Prey

The Black Drum has a diet of invertebrates, crustaceans, and the occasional fish.

Handling Tips

Can handle easily with no sharp spines. Hold it with your hand up underneath from the bottom instead of behind the head.