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Scientific Name

Coryphaena hippurus

Common Names

Dorado, Maui maui, Dolphinfish


The Dolphin has an elongated body with a high rounded forehead and curved mouth. They also have a single dorsal fin that rises just over the pectoral fins to its highest point and then slopes down the back to a forked tail. Their coloration ranges from blue green on the back blending to a yellow near the middle though they are capable of flashing various colors and can have still other blotches of color as well.

Habitat & Behaviour

The Dolphin is an open ocean fish and can be found near floating objects. From floating seaweed to floating boards, dolphin are known to form small schools and swim around floating objects.

Natural Prey

Dolphins can be voracious feeders that chase down other fish. They can also merely nibble on small crustaceans attached to floating drifts of seaweed. They have also been known to eat all sorts of human produced garbage including lightbulbs.

Handling Tips

Net the smaller ones for release. Larger ones should be handled with fish grippers or gaff behind the head. No dangers in particular with handling this fish.