Common Snook

Food Quality:

Common Snook

Avg. Length


Avg. Weight


World Record

53lbs 10oz

FL Record

44lbs 3oz

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Scientific Name

Centropomus undecimalis

Common Names

Lineside, Robalo, Ravillia, Sergeant fish, Snook


Common Snook are distinguished by their long snout, sloping head and elongated body. They are equipped with a big mouth lined by teeth and an extended lower jaw. The coloration of the Common Snook is marked by a dark line bisecting the body, which is in the range of yellow to olive green.

Habitat & Behaviour

Common Snooks can inhabit both fresh and salt water and as such can be found in coastal areas. They shelter in lagoons, mangrove areas as well as rivers and canals. The Common Snook is shy of cold water and as a result during the winter months it can be found in areas that are warmer and relatively stable, temperature wise.

Natural Prey

Common Snook eat a variety of sea life over their life cycles. They can eat everything from micro-crustaceans to fish, crab and even zooplankton

Handling Tips

Very sharp gill plate but no teeth so you can hold by lip. Some spines on back and big anal spine so be careful.