Food Quality:


Avg. Length


Avg. Weight


World Record

135lbs 8oz

FL Record

130lbs 1oz

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Scientific Name

Rachycentron canadum

Common Names

Ling, Crab eater, Lemonfish, Bacalao


Cobia have a long torpedo shaped body with a slight under bite. They are often a dark grey to brownish grey in coloration and can have dark and pale light bands that run the length of the fish. Often mature fish lose their bands and become a more uniform color that lightens on near the belly.  The skin also gives an illusion of smoothness but the cobia does have scales.

Habitat & Behaviour

Cobia can be found in coastal waters and near deeper underwater structures such as wrecks, ledges, reefs, buoys. They are a migratory fish that moves from inshore to offshore waters yearly and as they mature are less likely to school.

Natural Prey

Cobia make a diet out of cephalopods, smaller fish and crustaceans, however they are not opposed to a free meal and have been known to scavenge near sharks.

Handling Tips

Big spines across top of back – be careful, they will stick you if you hold them incorrectly. For large Fish, net them and then once in the net you can grab hold of the gill. Lay them back in the water gently, wiggle tail. Gaff right behind the head – don’t hit the meat, very sought after for eating.