Bonito, Atlantic

Food Quality:

Bonito, Atlantic

Avg. Length


Avg. Weight


World Record

18lbs 4oz

FL Record

6lbs 8oz

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Scientific Name

Sarda sarda

Common Names

Northern bonito, Boston mackerel, Katonotel, Belted bonito


The Atlantic Bonito has dorsal fins that are very close together and has larger scales near the pectoral fin. Their coloration ranges from greyish green to an olive color and it has bars of color as well as wavy worm-like stripes over top of the bars. It also has a widely forked tail with a white belly.

Habitat & Behaviour

The Atlantic Bonito can be found in the open ocean as well as occasionally in shore. It travels in medium to large schools and is a very strong swimmer.

Natural Prey

The Atlantic Bonito subsists on a diet of other small fish and some invertebrates. They can also show some cannibalistic behavior.

Handling Tips

A smooth, slick and fast fish with nothing dangerous in particular regarding handling. Grab by head or tail or net depending on size of net – best to grab by tail in smaller boat, use a net or gaff in larger boat.