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15lbs 12oz

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Scientific Name

Albula vulpes

Common Names

Silver ghost, White fox, Macabi, Bone


The Bonefish has a long body with a sloped face and a small overbite. It has a larger eye and its coloration is usually silver with a blue or green back. It has a widely forked tail and its fins are often darker in coloration.

Habitat & Behaviour

Bonefish can be found in deeper water when the tide is out but once the tide begins to roll in they swim in water less than a foot deep across tidal pools looking for food. They are some of the most powerful swimmers in the ocean and can be found in small groups or pairings. Most often Bonefish can be found in tidal flats.

Natural Prey

Bonefish subsist on crustaceans, invertebrates and small fish.

Handling Tips

Gill plates can be sharp but otherwise can be handled with ease.