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Avg. Length


Avg. Weight


World Record

31lbs 12 oz

FL Record

22lbs 3oz

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Scientific Name

Pomatomus saltatrix

Common Names

Blue, Anchoa, Chopper, Blue snapper


The Bluefish has a long body with pectoral and anal fins starting just behind the gills. The first dorsal fin is spiny and the tail is widely forked. It ranges in coloration from green or blue on the back to silver on the side. There is a dark spot of color at the start of the pectoral fin. In addition to this the Bluefish is known to have aggressive, sharp teeth with a larger mouth.

Habitat & Behaviour

The Bluefish can be found in warm tropical waters near coasts and as such migrate to warm waters in the winter. They usually travel in large schools and move along the coast.

Natural Prey

Bluefish will eat ferociously when stirred up in a school. They often dine on smaller fish, crustaceans and invertebrates although they will eat anything if they can get it into their mouths.  

Handling Tips

Known as ‘pirana like,’ watch your fingers around their sharp and strong jaws. They can bite your fingers right off. Have been known to snap fast, bite fingers and bite lures into pieces. Once they are in the net, pinch around the gills (which are not particularly sharp) with you index finger and thumb, wrap your hand around top of fish. No spines to worry about.