Blue Runner

Food Quality:

Blue Runner

Avg. Length


Avg. Weight

1 -3lbs

World Record

11lbs 2oz

FL Record

8lbs 5oz

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Scientific Name

Caranx crysos

Common Names

Hardtail jack, Runner, Blue jack


The Blue Runner can range in coloration from dark green to greenish blue on its body with a grey or yellowish color blending into a silver white on the underbelly. It usually has a dark blotch of color on its gill as well as on its forked tail tips

Habitat & Behaviour

Blue Runners can be found in coastal waters swimming in schools, sometimes near shore other times inshore. Juveniles are found further off coastal waters.

Natural Prey

The Blue Runner is a fast and aggressive fish that consumes smaller fish as well as invertebrates. They also tend to hunt in packs.

Handling Tips

Have spines – be a little careful when handling them. Teeth are minimal, but don’t stick your finger in the mouth. Grab from top, back of head.