Billfish – Swordfish

Food Quality:

Billfish – Swordfish

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612lbs 4oz

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Scientific Name

Xiphias gladius

Common Names

Broadbill swordfish, Pez espada


Swordfish gather their name from their elongated, sword-like snout which is flat, one third the length of the fish and can be extremely sharp.  The coloration of the swordfish ranges from blue, black, brown or purple sometimes blending to a reduced darkness near the bottom of the fish. The belly of the fish ranges from white to lighter shades of brown. The Swordfish also has crescent fan shaped fins and tail.

Habitat & Behaviour

Swordfish reside in the mid-depth waters in open ocean water columns. Tropical and sub-tropical fish are often smaller than the larger fish found in more temperate waters. Generally Swordfish prefer surface temperatures that are cooler. 

Natural Prey

Swordfish are nocturnal hunters devouring mid-depth fish such as bluefish, herring, dolphin and mackerel. The Swordfish also occasionally hunts squid as well.

Handling Tips

Try to keep in the water if releasing or quickly taking it out for the picture. Beware of sharp nose and gill plates. Use gloves to handle. Grabbing the bill and tail rope can also be a great help.