Billfish – Marlin, White

Food Quality:

Billfish – Marlin, White

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181lbs 14oz

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Scientific Name

Tetrapturus albidus

Common Names

Spikefish, Aguja blanco, Atlantic white marlin


The White Marlin has a long upper jaw forming a bill that resembles a spear. The body is long with a high elongated crescent shaped dorsal fin with a broadly forked tail. The coloration begins with dark blue blending to a silvery white on the belly. Occasionally the back can appear brownish as well. In addition to this there may be several pale bands of color on the sides. The tips of the fins are rounded.

Habitat & Behaviour

White Marlin can be found offshore in deep waters, however it can also be found inshore occasionally. They can also be found in groups at times, however they are known as a solitary fish. The White Marlin can be found further north during the summer but it prefers warmer waters.  

Natural Prey

White Marlin feed on a steady diet of cephalopods as well as assorted smaller fish such as mackerel, dolphins and blue runners.

Handling Tips

Try to keep in the water if releasing or quickly taking it out for the picture. Beware of sharp nose and gill plates. Use gloves to handle. Grabbing the bill and tail rope can also be a great help. Be extremely careful; they are strong and can jump, easily causing injury.