Bermuda Chub

Food Quality:

Bermuda Chub

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Avg. Weight


World Record

13lbs 4oz

FL Record

13lbs 4oz

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Scientific Name

Kyphosus sectatrix

Common Names

Butter bream, Sea chub, Chopa, Rudderfish, Drummers


A commonly encountered species, although not one that is aggressively sought by anglers. It is often caught in clear-water harbors and around reefs. Oval profile with a short head and a small mouth. A yellow stripe, boardered in greyish white, runs from the edge of the mouth to the edge of the gill cover. Body is compressed and generally blue-grey with yellowish stripes. Fins are dusky, the tail forked, and the scales are usually edged with blue. It may occasionally have white spots or blotches.

Habitat & Behaviour

Like most other sea chub, the Bermuda chub is a schooling species that moves quickly.They are often abundant in clear, shallow water over turtle grass, sandy or rocky bottoms, around tropical reefs, harbors, and small ships. A less common, larger relative is the yellow chub, which is almost impossible for the average angler to distinguish from the Bermuda Chub.

Natural Prey

mainly feeds on algae off the bottom and also on small crabs and mollusks.

Handling Tips

Spines on top; otherwise harmless.