Banded Rudderfish

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Banded Rudderfish

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Scientific Name

Seriola zonata

Common Names

Slender amberjack


The Banded Rudderfish has a football shaped body with a small forward dorsal fin and a long swept rear dorsal fin. Their coloration can range from greenish or brown to bluish silver with a dark stripe that runs from the eye to the first dorsal fin. It has a forked tail with white markings near the tips.

Habitat & Behaviour

Banded Rudderfish can be found offshore near hard bottomed or structured areas. They can also be found in shallower water, as opposed to other Amberjack.  

Natural Prey

The Banded Rudderfish subsists on crustaceans, invertebrates and other smaller fish.

Handling Tips

When releasing keep in water, remove hook with pliers or dehooker and vent accordingly if brought up from a deep depth. When landing you can net them easily due to their smaller size.