When most people think of fishing, they think of sitting on the dock of the bay with a pole in hand enjoying a beer. Catching something doesn’t matter much; they are just looking to relax. But if you are a veteran angler, then fishing to you is a way of life. You are looking for the toughest game that tests your skills, patience and sheer grit. You want deep waters and game so tough that not even sharks go anywhere near them. Well that’s what deep sea fishing in Florida will get you. Deep sea fishing charters in Florida offer everyone from the novice to the pro a chance at going up against tough game, and have the trip of a lifetime. The endless ocean here means that the whole coast is populated with veteran anglers willing to take you out on their boats into the deep blue. Florida is a deep sea fisherman’s paradise, and for good reason.

Why Florida?

If you want to know why the Sunshine is so popular, you need only to look at map. Florida is surrounded on three sides by water. Not just any old water, either. The mighty Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico make sure that any coastline in the state is going to have access to some beautiful sea. This means that are a near limitless number of bays, inlets, islands, and coastal resort towns that cater to every fisherman’s need. Unlike many places that offer similar services, the waters around the peninsula are a great mix of peaceful waves, beautiful coral reefs, and bountiful game. Here you can have your pick of more sport fish than anywhere else. Marlin, tuna, kingfish, shark, mahi mahi, trout, and just about any other kind of game you can think of. Oh yeah, and did we mention that it was warm all year round?

Deep sea fishing charters in Florida are the best way for anglers to cross this experience off their bucket list. Nowhere else offers the same mix of opportunity, climate, and access to the sea. There is much to do on land as there is at sea, so make a trip to Florida one for the whole family.