Imagine a beautiful coastal city surrounded by beautiful island, lakes, inlets, bays, and ocean, with miles of beautiful beach dotting the coastline. Now add to this ample opportunity to snag a couple of game fish from the gorgeous waters. You’ve just describe Panama City, Florida. This city is famous for fishing of all kinds, especially the deep sea kind out in the Gulf of Mexico. You can purchase a short-term license and fish right from the beach or piers in town, but the best option is charter a fishing boat to help.

Panama City fishing charters offer the experienced or novice angler a local’s perspective on the waterways, and will provide all of the necessary tools and permits that you need. You can find plenty of boats to take you out down at the piers. Expect prices to be similar to that of the surrounding coastal towns. Expect rates to start at around $400 for 4 hours if you are a group of 1-4 people, and it to increase from there. Not much considering what you get in return.

Not just the deep blue sea

One great thing about this coastal Panhandle town is that there is more water to explore than just the deep Gulf of Mexico. Sure fishing out in the deep water has great opportunities, but there are plenty of family fun trips you can have closer to the shore. Explore the entire area of St. Andrews Bay, angelfish, parrotfish, and mullet are all excellent choices, and are a treat to look at too. You can explore the rivers in the area, and even take the boat up into Deer Point Lake. You don’t have to set limits on yourself, because Panama City sure won’t.

If you are looking for a great coastal town with ample fishing opportunity, then you’ve come to the right place. Great weather and great scenery make for an excellent fishing trip, no matter which kind of experience you are after.