Located on an island in gorgeous Gulf of Mexico, Galveston is a fisherman’s paradise, and the jewel of the Texas Gulf Coast. Galveston fishing charters can take you up, down, and around the coastline, or out into deep waters. Private charters are the specialty of many of the ship captains at the marina, and this area has a long history of boating, fishing, and naval activity. A port of call for cruise ships in the area, you can find plenty to do on land as well. So make this trip into a full experience and take in everything that she has to see. For those who want to stay near shore or in the bay, a charter boat can help you fish for drum, mackerel, and gafftop, and for the deep sea trippers, you can chase cobia, red snapper, and grouper. With more favorable and less humid weather conditions than elsewhere at this latitude, Galveston Bay is a paradise waiting to be explored.

Jetty fishing

A jetty is a formation in the water that fish often crowd around to feed off of. This means that they are excellent grounds to catch some hungry guys looking to bite at the first thing they find. Galveston Bay offers some of the best jetty fishing of anywhere on the American coastline. Private charters here offer special bay trips that focus on these jetties, and they are a great idea for the family looking to have a fun experience but not go out to deep or stay out all night. Go after bluefish, trout, and red fish, all from the safety of the harbor and in sight of the city. This is a truly unique Texas experience.

The Texas Gulf Coast offers some great vacation spots – none better than in Galveston. If you are coming here, then chartering a fishing vessel to go out on the sea and have a good time, and bring home something to tell your friends about. Go after big fish in the deep or stay close to the jetties, and go after tasty small catch. Sit back, relax, and have a great time.