If you are out to find yourself an exciting fishing experience, then deep sea fishing in Naples should be on your list. Deep sea fishing in Naples, Florida is as exciting as it gets. Known for its wealth, grandeur, and expensive property, this city is home to some of the best fishing conditions in the world. With great weather all year round, beautiful beaches, and sweeping vistas across the Gulf of Mexico, you will be left breathless regardless of how long you are out on the water. The assortment of things to do on land is only rivaled by the variety of species of fish you can catch offshore.

The Spanish Mackerel

One of the most famous fish to catch in this area is the Spanish mackerel. Easily recognizable from its green back and silvery body, this fish also has two rows of razor-sharp teeth. Spring is the time of year to come pit your will against them because they make their way back to the Atlantic coast in the fall. They are known to stay in shallow depths, but also make their way out into the deep waters of the northern gulf at depths of up to 80 feet. They are infamous amongst anglers for their incredibly fast runs, and because of this it is recommended that you use a spinning reel so that you can keep up with them. They aren’t the biggest fish in the water, but you can be sure they aren’t easy to catch.

There are few locations on the southern Gulf Coast that can compete with this one. Deep sea fishing in Naples, Florida gives all fishermen the chance to have a fun and exciting trip out into the deep blue ocean full of exhilarating moments. On top of that, you can finish off your trip on dry land in the lap of luxury in one of the wealthiest, most world-renowned tropical destinations.