South Florida is about as south as it gets in the continental USA. The area is tropical wonderland full of great things to see, fun stuff to do, and of course, some great fishing opportunities. From cities with hundreds of thousands of people, to national parks, pristine beaches, and tropical islands, the southern coast offers something for everyone. Since it was first settled by the Spanish, this area has been a destination for travelers from around the world. Nowadays, tourists from around the country and all over the place flock here like birds for great fun in the sun, and the highest-quality deep sea fishing available.

Where to go:

Miami- The largest metropolitan area in the state, Miami is a world-class tourist destination. You’ll find amazing beaches, cuisine, nightlife, and a whole lot of fishing here. The large population ensures that there will be a deep sea charter company to fit your needs.

The Keys- Despite the size of this island chain, it is best to group them as a whole. This tropical paradise is full of great gaming opportunities. The endless beaches and marinas means there are a plethora of jump off points, and tons of seasoned veterans who will show you the ropes, and give you some great pointers. The anglers out here know all of the great spots to go to for game. Key West, Islamorada, and Key Largo are the top spots for both fishing opportunities and amenities. Head out to the reef or to the peaceful inner coast for some of the best fishing spots around

The real advantage of the South Coast of Florida is that the waters are as warm and peaceful as the weather and the people. You can have your choice of the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico or head south to the Caribbean Sea. No matter where you end up, there will be some great opportunities for anglers of all skill levels.