Pensacola, located on Florida’s famous Panhandle, is one of the world’s top rated outdoor tourism locations. Not just for the beautiful natural landscapes and cultural opportunities, but also for sport fishing. Deep sea fishing in Pensacola, Florida offers some of the best waters for anglers around the world. The waters are a mix between beautiful hues of green and blue, and the coast is teeming with big game.

Year Round Game

The beautiful waters and sunny weather mean that you can a wide range of fish here all year round. This makes it an ideal location to come to in the depths of winter to escape the frigid conditions up north. Famous for red snapper, cobia, king mackerel, and wahoo, the experienced anglers in Pensacola can show all of the tricks of the trade so you can bring back a trophy.

America’s First Settlement

This city of roughly 50,000 people is a great destination for any fisherman with a love for American history. The Spanish were the first to settle here in the 16th century, and the settlement here is much older than the English ones further north. Entertainment opportunities abound on the panhandle around Pensacola. Great seafood festivals, historic neighborhoods, and beautiful parks make for great ways to spend your downtime.

Although the southern Gulf and the East Coast of Florida are probably better known, the panhandle is also home to some great opportunities. If you are coming to Northern Florida for a getaway, don’t overlook the deep sea fishing opportunities in Pensacola, Florida. The culture, history, and nature surrounding the beautiful blue waters make this a complete fishing trip experience.