One of the world’s most famed resort towns, Destin is located on the Florida Panhandle between Panama City and Pensacola. Famous for its perfect white sandy beaches, excellent weather, and unrivaled angling experience, no fishing trip to the Panhandle would be complete without a deep sea fishing stop in Destin. You know that a deep sea fishing trip in Destin, Florida is going to be great when the place is known as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” With many locations to choose from for dropping a lure, and great opportunities for catching marlin, sailfish, and flounder, plus the world class fleet of deep sea fishing vessels located in the harbor, this tiny town is your ticket to a fun and exciting adventure.

The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village

This name didn’t come to Destin by accident. By most regards a small village, this place has more to offer the avid angler than most big cities. A slew of charter boats ready to take you out onto the great blue gulf to catch a sport fish, and captains with years of experience are just the beginning. Unlike most small villages, there is plenty to do on land as well. A great place for family vacations, Destin is home to world-class seafood dining, fun indoor activities for kids, and even world-renowned golf courses.

A town that is world famous for its perfect beaches of white sand, great year-round weather, and world-class cuisine and golf sounds like the perfect setting for a deep sea fishing trip. When you add to it the fish in the waters off the coast, and the state-of-the-art boats waiting to take you there, Destin, Florida is a fishing trip unlike any other.