Deep sea fishing in Florida is always a great time for everyone involved. Now imagine doing all of this on an island with beautiful tropical weather that’s only a short ride from the main land. Well, that is the reality of deep sea fishing in Cocoa Beach, Florida. This small town of roughly 11,000 people is located on a beautiful island off the coast, and is warm enough all year round to make for great fishing. Located in the deep waters of the Atlantic, nearby are fish ready to test your skills. Swordfish, blue and white marlin, tuna, and many other tough swimmers lurk in the deep in the Cocoa Beach area. This town is no stranger to outsiders either, some estimates put the number of visitors each year at 2.4 million! Once you get a taste of Cocoa Beach, you will realize why it’s so popular.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Cocoa Beach, Florida

There is a ton of fishing charter options for you to choose from, and the friendly competition helps to drive the price down. A private charter is more than just for fishing. It’s a whole experience. The comradery, the thrill of the catch, the friendly competition, and the warm nights spent retelling tales on the beach will all make this a special experience.

Not Just Fishing

You would expect a beautiful town located on an island to have more to do than just fishing, and with Cocoa Beach, you’d be right. Enjoy the town’s great restaurants, its famous pier, stroll along the beach, or visit its unique gift shops. Ever been to a store that sells dinosaur fossils? Well, you can find that here. The Ron Jon surf shop is a world famous destination for beach lovers, and the famed Cape Canaveral Space Center is only a short ride north. It’s safe to say that you won’t run out of things to do once the fishing wears you out for the day.