The beautiful city of Corpus Christi is home to nearly half a million people, and located the on Gulf of Mexico in the South Texas Region. Its port is the fifth-largest in the country, and one of the premier deep water ports for shipping in North America. The beautiful deep waters of the gulf in this town aren’t just for boats carrying cargo; they are also rife with some of the best fishing game anywhere in the nation. This Texas town is famous for its deep sea fishing, and the city is home to dozens of different companies and services all waiting to take you out into the water for your dream fishing trip.

A dream location

Its numerous islands, bays and Lagunas make the Corpus Christi area one that many anglers wish was a little more secret. It is ideal for all kinds of fishing, and its popularity is telling, especially during the summer when tens of thousands of anglers descend on this area to try their luck against some of the toughest fish in country. The waters are teeming with trout, redfish, and many others, and if you are looking for big catches you can also find tuna and marlin here to do battle with.

It’s safe to say that because of the high volume of people, there is no shortage of knowledgeable guides and reputable companies that cater to all of your fishing needs. You can charter a boat, and head out into the deep waters to try and catch game worthy of being mounted on the wall. All of this is possible and more here in this beautiful coastal city.