Located conveniently close to the center of the metropolitan area of Tampa, Clearwater is a great trip for anyone with fishing on their bucket list. Not far from the vibrant city center, this town still maintains a quieter feel despite being home to over 100,000 people. Although things can feel spread out at times, the ocean front is right where you want to be. Clearwater fishing charters will take you right out into the gulf. The city is located about halfway down the western coast of the state, which means you will have access to Clearwater Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and the numerous barrier islands offshore, or beautiful rides by the towns along the coastline. Not only is the fishing high-quality, but it is also affordable for the whole family. Tickets for half 4 hour trips will run about $60 and about $80 for 8 hours. Kids will cost less. This town has everything you could ask for and more.

World-Famous Grouper and Snapper

People come to Florida all year round for access to great fishing, but they come to Clearwater for the world-famous grouper and snapper fishing. The waters, depending on the season, will be teaming with these species. Known for their tough catch, and normally hanging in the shallower depths, catching a 25lb fish will make for a great photo. Dig through the mud, fish the bottom of the sea, or get them when they make it to the surface, and bring them in to show off to all your friends and family.

A big city with a small city feel, chartering a boat in Clearwater is safe, fun, and affordable for the whole family. Enjoy the sandy beaches, tropical weather, and access to amenities, as well as plentiful fish that lie off the coast. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a comfy ride down the coast, or a fight against a monster, this place is where to go.