If you are looking to find yourself a great fishing experience, then you will find it in Destin. Destin charter fishing is a unique experience due to the crystal clear, world-renowned waters, as well as the opportunities that await you in town. What else would you expect from a place called the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village? This upscale Florida Panhandle town is flush with chartering opportunities in their gorgeous marina, and whole families can book trips lasting from four hours all the way up to overnight adventures. Going rates in town might be a bit more than you’ll see in other payers, with rates around $160 an hour for 6 people, but it isn’t too bad when you think about splitting the cost 6 ways. The reason for this is the quality here is unlike anywhere else. Catch marlin, tuna, kingfish, for mahi mahi, all on the crystal clear gulf with some of the most experienced captains and crews in the business.

Perfectly located

What truly makes Destin special is its location. Straddling the edge of a peninsula that separates Choctawhachee Bay from the Gulf of Mexico, this upscale resort town is known around the world for perfect beaches and ample water sport opportunities. Charters can take you in to the bay, along the coast toward Pensacola or out into the deep waters of the gulf, it’s up to you. When you are all done for the day, you can bet that fun awaits you in town. Not just for the angler, but for the whole family. Destin is home to some of best seafood cuisine, and many restaurants located on the beach mirror the style of New Orleans, and serve fresh catch straight out of the water.

World class fishing, ample private charter services, and affordable rates make the angling trip to Destin a must for any fisherman. But it’s the whole experience that truly makes Destin special. The white sandy beaches, the five-star seafood, world-class golf courses(did we mention there was a world-class golf course?), and the friendly locals all make this resort town a must for anyone in search of the perfect vacation.